“The Complete Guide to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Made Simple”

Learning should be educational, fun and the deepest and most satisfying way to learn is taking what your teachers and coaches give you and enhance it by being self taught. That is exactly what I did here. I have been studying BJJ since 2005 and joined Sensei Josh Griffiths as my first BJJ coach and have been with him ever since. Not a day goes by that after we learn and train the lesson plans in class, I stay after class for a period of time with a few other guys and we tweak those lesson plans for our bodies and styles. It is said that BJJ should conform to you and that is exactly what I have done here. The lessons you see are what I have learned at Clockwork BJJ in NYC and decided to capture those pictures so I can further understand the movements by writing my own notes around it. The words I use are almost in code and unless you have trained BJJ before, it might seen foreign to you, so don’t worry. Enjoy and keep coming back as these lesson plans will continue to grow as I grow with BJJ. The blog posts are in an order of how the BJJ match plays out, or as we call it “our logic tree.”


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