The Flow “Soul” Role

The flow soul role in my 14 years of Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) training experience is when you have an outer body experience and see yourself move as your mind can drive your body. It happens when both training partners agree to train that round seeking the soul roll. When I was training 5 times a week at Clockwork BJJ in NYC under Josh Griffiths, my soul role partner was Dr. Paul. He was the master of soul rolling.

So today in training at my new accademy, RMBJJ in Delray Beach Florida, I was training with a good blue belt who was 30 years my junior and a great training partner. We began slow and fluid and picked it up maybe 1 level and maintained that pace for 6 minutes. My goal was to accomplish as many transitions as possible at half speed and continually moving, passing, sweeping and positions.

During one of the passing of my training partners bottom half guard, I started my pass at even a slower pace than what we were going. I read an article about Gary Tonon training super slow no matter what happens. I tried it and that’s when I hit the soul role and took about 60 seconds to complete the pass. I was in 100% correct anatomical alignment with my inside shoulder and fist stacked on mat to block guard retention. My toes were on the ground as the only contact point on the mat while my hip was 90% to his hip. The other contact points were my forehead placed in his far side inner shoulder and my outside top grip on his collar deep. That deep collar grip allows me to “look at my watch” and my partners head naturally turns away from me preventing my partner from turning in.

At the height of the soul roll, I felt like a professional football line man digging in ready for an oncoming player. At the same time, I remember the Brotherhood of Jiu Jitsu founder saying that when you train with a really good partner at any belt level, while performing your flow soul roll, always look good. You must look good he stated and that is because it forces you to move correctly and slowly before you can move quickly so you maintain correct movement. In my humble experience, the flow soul role is a much needed component to your daily training.

Thank you.

Spinnex Vitality and No Limits Jiu Jitsu Foundation use Elite Gi’s and they have agreed to sponsor Angel Adorno with his competition Gi and rash guard. Thank you Born Tough. After washing and drying both the gi and rash guard, they maintained a perfect comfortable fit. Allen Spindel

Born Tough Rash Guard Gives Me Muscles
Elite Sports Gi fits me like a glove and is so comfortable when training
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The Power Of Specialized Conditioning For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Resuming Brazilian Jiu Jitsu After Double Total Knee Replacements.

Does a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete ever quit, take time off, change academies and change their entire lives? Yes to all the above and no judgements because we only live in our own shoes. I just resumed my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training after a 3 year rehab for my knees. Now that I am back, it felt like I never left.

The only difference is I will be augmenting my training to:

*Reflect any decrease in mobility because of the titanium hardware that my knee and knee joint is now made of. Knees don’t bend much and can hurt if bent too much.

*Lost timing because of no drilling or training for 3 years.

*Decrease in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu conditioning. This will be the focus of this post, which might turn into more than just a post.

This blog post that will take me several days to complete, will serve as documentation that by practicing Spinnex Vitality, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) athlete can maintain a high percentage of conditioning while not training in BJJ. All that is required is to take the same amount of time, the same time of day and practice Spinnex Vitality on your own in the comfort of your own home.

Drill, train round 1, train round 2, train round 3, rest round, train round 4, train round 5
Left to right…Age 71, age 47, age 69
11:00 am – Noon class. The black belts ask me to train, which is a complement for an older black belt

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15 Years Of Teaching/Coaching Turned Into Digital Formats: audio book, ebook, paperback book and hard cover book with color photos

There are 10 Amazon books that compile my 15 years of teaching and coaching. I was born to be a coach and now use technology to coach world wide.

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13 Years In The Making

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SpinnEx “Vitality At Any Age” Program

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Exercise While You Relax

Put Up or Shut Up!!!
I am Putting Up!!!

Test Summary Exercise While You Relax

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Week 1 of 4 Lifetime Fitness and Health

Week One. Enjoy and stay tuned for week Two.

Week 1 of 4

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Old School BJJ

Since the “sport” of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has evolved and is centered around winning tournaments, the point system has taken away what BJJ was originally designed for. BJJ was originally designed for self defense. Therefore, at my current level of training since 2005, I am now taking all what I have learned and adapting it for self defense, not sport.

What that means is, I have narrowed down what techniques, what strategy and what type of training I am employing. To further clarify, I am eliminating all techniques that expose areas of the body that can be attacked when in a self defense situation and only using very tight techniques such as attacking from the closed guard, side control, the back and a straight foot lock. Out of respect for my academy, I will drill the move of the week (month) and learn it well. The first 2 rolls we do are from the move of the day position and I like that system of learning for several reasons. No need to expand on it because all BJJ players know exactly what I am talking about.

The good news is at age 65, I am able to train successfully with younger and stronger partners using this strategy. Since employing this strategy, I hit the Kimura from several positions, X choke, triangle, rear choke and a quick foot lock finish. This is the new and improved Allen Spindel.

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Leg Lock System

Craig Jones DVD or John Danaher DVD. Click image for next page

Leg Lock System

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Closed Guard Tripod Sweep

Currently working to expand my game with work from the closed guard. Click image to view next page.
Closed Guard Collar & Sleeve Grip Tripod Sweep

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