Old School BJJ

Since the “sport” of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has evolved and is centered around winning tournaments, the point system has taken away what BJJ was originally designed for. BJJ was originally designed for self defense. Therefore, at my current level of training since 2005, I am now taking all what I have learned and adapting it for self defense, not sport.

What that means is, I have narrowed down what techniques, what strategy and what type of training I am employing. To further clarify, I am eliminating all techniques that expose areas of the body that can be attacked when in a self defense situation and only using very tight techniques such as attacking from the closed guard, side control, the back and a straight foot lock. Out of respect for my academy, I will drill the move of the week (month) and learn it well. The first 2 rolls we do are from the move of the day position and I like that system of learning for several reasons. No need to expand on it because all BJJ players know exactly what I am talking about.

The good news is at age 65, I am able to train successfully with younger and stronger partners using this strategy. Since employing this strategy, I hit the Kimura from several positions, X choke, triangle, rear choke and a quick foot lock finish. This is the new and improved Allen Spindel.


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