The Flow “Soul” Role

The flow soul role in my 14 years of Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) training experience is when you have an outer body experience and see yourself move as your mind can drive your body. It happens when both training partners agree to train that round seeking the soul roll. When I was training 5 times a week at Clockwork BJJ in NYC under Josh Griffiths, my soul role partner was Dr. Paul. He was the master of soul rolling.

So today in training at my new accademy, RMBJJ in Delray Beach Florida, I was training with a good blue belt who was 30 years my junior and a great training partner. We began slow and fluid and picked it up maybe 1 level and maintained that pace for 6 minutes. My goal was to accomplish as many transitions as possible at half speed and continually moving, passing, sweeping and positions.

During one of the passing of my training partners bottom half guard, I started my pass at even a slower pace than what we were going. I read an article about Gary Tonon training super slow no matter what happens. I tried it and that’s when I hit the soul role and took about 60 seconds to complete the pass. I was in 100% correct anatomical alignment with my inside shoulder and fist stacked on mat to block guard retention. My toes were on the ground as the only contact point on the mat while my hip was 90% to his hip. The other contact points were my forehead placed in his far side inner shoulder and my outside top grip on his collar deep. That deep collar grip allows me to “look at my watch” and my partners head naturally turns away from me preventing my partner from turning in.

At the height of the soul roll, I felt like a professional football line man digging in ready for an oncoming player. At the same time, I remember the Brotherhood of Jiu Jitsu founder saying that when you train with a really good partner at any belt level, while performing your flow soul roll, always look good. You must look good he stated and that is because it forces you to move correctly and slowly before you can move quickly so you maintain correct movement. In my humble experience, the flow soul role is a much needed component to your daily training.

Thank you.

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