Another Great Flow Roll

Had another great flow roll with Professor Renod and by recording it and playing parts in slow motion, I saw tons of mistakes I made that are easily tweaked. As an example, at the end of the video I did a 69 year old man sweep and came up with a possible under hook sitting on my opposite hip, which is optimal for a sweep. In my case with my physical and structural stature, I would come upon my knees, cup my opponents far knee, drive with my legs and use my upper body to stay glued to his upper body as he is falling back at a 45% angle and I am driving forwards in his direction of falling. This could be considered a smash pass and its my version for my body type.

Also, professor Renod was able to not only back step me and perform a technical master piece by pulling my knees towards him to easily get the mount.

I need to engage my legs more, even though I am timid because of my total knee replacements. That is why video recording and self feedback is critical and I will ask professor Mendes if I can bring my mini tripod to record select rolls.

Here is an edited video of our flow roll so I can learn.


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