MMA Conditioning

This is what it takes to become a UFC contender and an MMA warrior.

This is 170 lb fighter Matt Ruskin conditioning with coach Spindel. Watch Matt’s award winning MMA conditioning program that provided the “insurance” he would never gas out. As the saying goes, “you might get knocked out, you might get tapped out, but we guarantee you won’t gas out. lol.


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2 Responses to MMA Conditioning

  1. Robert says:

    How long did it take Matt to get in shape to compete at his level and how old is he?

  2. Robert, a typical MMA fighter or submission wrestler comes in 15-20 pounds over their competition weight. We call this the training weight or walking around weight. If they have a good nutritionist, a good conditioning coach, they can intelligently and safely cut weight in 6 weeks. I will be posting a few fighters actual diet that allowed them to conservatively loose those 15-20 pounds and have a 6 pack. The average age of today’s MMA fighter ranges from 25 years to 35 years old.

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