International High School 2014 boxing and fitness internship with 3 great hard working students who participate for 2 hours of exercise Monday – Thursday and one hour of writing down the days lesson plan. The goal is to combine writing with learning and produce a great training manual that these students can use as a lifetime fun fitness activity for years to come.

Conditioning Warm Up Exercises Before You Begin.
*Joint Mobility 3:00 Minutes
*Warrior 10 Movements 2:03 Minutes
*4 Killer Legs 2:05

Slow Boxing Warm Up
*Hands Up
*Shoulder covers chin
*Rear heel slightly off ground
*Jab Cross
*Focus on hip power


Pushing and Pulling
*Very important to work in both directions, forwards and backwards or pushing and pulling
*Light weight bar for speed and some resistance
*Squat stance overhand grip 25 speed rows
*Athletic stance overhand grip 25 shoulder presses
*Squat stance underhand grip 25 speed rows
*Athletic stance underhand grip 25 shoulder presses

4 Complex Endurance Movements
*Athletic stance light weight bar on chest overhand grip
*Squat-snap up-overhead press-bar falls down to back of neck head and shoulders straight
*Simultaneously Squat-snap up-overhead press-bar falls down on chest
*repeat for 30 seconds as its a continuous sports specific movment


One Minute Endurance Drill On Heavy Bag
*Hands up-on toes-Rocky punching high elbow-elbows on sides-uppercuts


Battle Ropes

*One minute drill with 4 positions

First Circuit
*Core 25 reps
*Partner passball sit up 10 reps
*Legs up 25 reps
*Legs criss cross 25 reps
*Back bar rows 25
*Athletic stance chest presses 25 reps
*Push ups on weights
*Standing triceps
*Bungee cord run forwards-sideways both directions-backwards 10 times each
*Bungee cord high pulls-close elbow pulls 25 reps
*Bungee cord chest presses-alternate puching split stance 25 reps

Upper Body
*Hold arms in 90% angle with knees bent for 30-seconds
*Bench Press standing overhand grip
*Rows overhand grip
*Hold arms in 90% angle with knees bent moving from side to side for 30-seconds
*Bench Press standing underhand grip
*Rows underhand grip
*Horizontal rope pulls
*Front squat plate overhead lifts with 4 movements
*Butterfly arm sit up abs

Boxing Speed Conditioning
*Upper cut
*Upper cut
*30-second blasts


Old School Park Workout
*Decline push up feet on bench
*Incline push up hands on bench
*Bench one leg step ups front facing
*Bench one leg step ups side facing
*Decline push up feet on bench one foot
*Incline push up hands on bench one foot
*Agility drills forward-backward-side to side both ways
*Boxing jab, jab-cross, jab-cross-hook

Explosive Power
*Step ups onto and over and back onto and down in front on blue blocks front-side-back, stepping softly or jumping high in air
*Fast feet staying in front of blue block
*2 leg jump up and step down front-side-back
*Sled run with pulling 50 pounds 4 laps
*Hamstring raises feet on blue block back on ground lift hips with jab jab
*One leg hamstring raises one foot on blue block back on ground lift hips with jab jab

NY Sports Club Internship Partnership
*5 stations for one-minute each equals 5-minute circuits or rounds. We do 3 rounds with a one minute rest between rounds. Total time is under 20 minutes.
*Kettlebell swings and then squat ball chest throws
*Box jump up and step down
*Battle ropes
*Boxing jab, jab-cross-duck
*Core, technical stand up-leg raises-bicycle-plank

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