Basketball Lesson Plan

Allen PE Lesson Plan Basketball

Students enter 804B gym, change and take tanker folders and sit against the wall. Pencils and Do Now papers available.
Listed on the board for a 10-minute activity.

What countries are best know for the following sports:

Baseball __________________________

Soccer ___________________________

Badminton ________________________

Learn different countries sports:

For badminton, overhead shot, underhand shot, slam, jumping slam, drop shot.
For basketball, pass, bounce pass, layup, give and go, taps, rotation, team work.

Student leaders collect folders and pencils and at least one student leader herds the class to make a standing circle for the 7-minute warm up that can be up to 15-minutes of stretching with visual instruction.

Once complete I organize the class and ask one student to go to the supply closet and get the lesson plan equipment.

The lesson plan begins instantly when the equipment enters the room so the class must be set up and organized.

Today the energy was outstanding and I was able to engage the entire class to run around the gym 5 times in one direction and 5 times in another direction before the equipment was gathered.

The lesson plan was organized by 3 teams of 5 students dribbling a basketball in a relay race style. Some students drop out as they are tired from running 10 laps. Some take the pass and go to the bathroom.

This was a 15-minute lesson. Once finished, we divide the gym in half. Game playing basketball and relaxed shooting basketball.

The relaxed basketball runs itself for a while so I work more drills and skills.

1. 10 in the basket layups.
2. 10 in the basket give and go.
3. 20 consecutive team taps.
This takes 10-15 minutes.
4. Play half court 3 on 3 and after each basket a new team comes in.
5. I then go to the relaxed basketball and work in shooting skills.
6. A few minutes before class is over, I do a 39-second recap and today was pass and run or in basketball terms; give and go.

Class is then dismissed.

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