Veterans With Disabilities

This page is dedicated to all the veterans with disabilities. We thank you for your service.

Here is Technical Sergeant David J. Spindel Serial # 12192826, who was based out of Italy in 1944 and flew forty-eight missions over Nazi Occupied Europe. He was a member of the 483rd Bombardment Group and 815th Squadron. Shot down July 9th 1944 on mission forty-eight to bomb Ploesti Oil Fields. Sergeant Spindel parachuted himself out of the plane over Yugoslavia. He was first captured by Chetniks and escaped, only to be caught by the Germans where he stayed for the rest of the war. Sergeant Spindel was a member of the exclusive Caterpillar Club, a person who parachutes out of a plane to save their life. He also was on the “Death March” for 90 days along with several hundred other airmen.

Video testimonial of how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) can help veterans with disabilities. I was recently introduced to the idea of how BJJ can help them and since I am a former public high school physical education teacher and black belt in BJJ at Clockwork BJJ in NYC under Sensei Josh Griffiths, I plan to open the doors to how BJJ will help these returning veterans with disabilities.

Clockwork BJJ is opening its doors to 10 veterans with disabilities under the guidance of one black belt coach, Allen Spindel, twice a week, from noon – 1:00 during the regular class time. There will be dedicated mat space, along with the use of showers and bathrooms. Clockwork BJJ will launch the program with a Gala opening event.

Clockwork is located at 650 Broadway (Bleecker Street) on the second floor. There is elevator service.

This project was started partly from 2 sources of inspiration. The first source of inspiration, is my brother volunteered this summer with a small group of veterans with disabilities and instructed them on boating activities. He said it was very rewarding for him and he volunteered to introduce BJJ to the organization he volunteered for, knowing my passion for BJJ. Let’s see what happens. The second source of inspiration is a soon to be blue belt at Clockwork BJJ named Angel. Angel has amazed all of us. He is blind and trains 3 days a week and takes 2 classes each day he trains. That’s 6 classes a week. That’s what it takes to get good at BJJ for anyone. I often train with him during his second class and we train 2-3 rounds together, each 7 minutes, with a 1 minute rest between rounds. Angel has often given me pointers to make my BJJ better and he gets to train with a black belt and learn the fine art of rolling that no other white belt experiences until they reach purple belt. It’s total harmony.

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