Weight Management

By Ivan Matteoni-Technical Advisor and Allen Spindel-Founder of Spindel Sports Academy
Weight management will benefit those who need to shed excess pounds FAST.  Weight management will also benefit those who recently lost weight and want to insure they keep those extra pounds off.  Finally, weight management is ideal for athletes who want to stay at their current body weight levels.
There are a total of ____________ exercises specifically targeted at different body points to ensure maximum weight loss.  Spindel Sports Academy designed these exercises in conjunction with cardiovascular conditioning in a way that facilitates rapid loss of excess weight. 
Participants in weight management begin by performing a warm up.  Then they proceed to a short session of cardiovascular conditioning making sure not to deplete the body’s valuable energy source.  Following this, Spindel Sports Academy has its participants execute a series of core conditioning exercises that are considered essential for all levels of fitness.  Next, the participants move into the strength and conditioning phase where they target different body parts to tone, strengthen and increase range of motion.  It is important to note that muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so one of the main objectives with weight management is to shed excess pounds FAST and build lean muscle mass.  Along with the strength and conditioning phase, Spindel Sports Academy employs the use of isometric exercises to build rock solid core muscles.  Finally, in an effort to rid the body of lactic acid, a build up of toxic waste material that the body produces during the preceding stages of weight management, Spindel Sports Academy has its participants cool down with another brief cardiovascular session where the intensity gradually slows down and tapers off to a walk.  Lastly, static stretching is performed as the weight management session concludes.

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