VO2 Max Testing

This study was done with the help of one of the most dedicated students at Washington Irving High School.  Jose Lopez, senior, performed the Vo2 max test at level 16.5
This is a test of not only endurance, but also how much oxygen your body can process before it hits oxygen depletion, oxygen debt and finally, oxygen bankruptcy.
The official test is called the Cooper Pacer Test.  We at Irving call it the “beep” test because as the sound of the cd plays, the beeps get faster and faster as you run from one end of the gym to the other end until you cannot keep up with the beep.
As a frame of reference, there are 20 levels, with level 20 being the most advanced.  An average teenager in average physical condition should be able to run at level 7.  A teenager who is in good shape can complete level 10.  A superb teenager can finish at level 12 and a super-elite teenager will be able to run at level 15.
The story goes like this.  Jose came to me 6 weeks ago wanting to train hard for his baseball season beginning in March.  I agreed to train him in what we call the “off season.”  We began with running 3 miles 3 days per week at a slow pace, increasing the speed as time went on.  By the second week, we began to pick up the pace, along with special drills for baseball players that included strength, power, explosive power and core. 
By the end of the 4th week, we began to practice the beep test.  (Jose completed level 13 last year while training on his own.)  During the 4th week of training with me, his first beep test yielded a level of 16.  This was an incredible gain.
By the end of the 6th week, Jose was training 5 days per week in the gym with me, some days for 2 hours.  He would run his normal 3 miles, and during the 3 mile run, it consisted of slow, medium and fast paces.  This is called interval training, which prepares the body for the beep test.  He also continued to perform the specialized baseball drills.
Well I don’t have to tell you that his score during the 6th week of training was level 16.5.  That is an incredible accomplishment. 
Jose will be competing in the second annual beep contest to be held on December 22nd in room 804 during 9th period.  I am calculating he will reach level 17. 

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