Iron Legs

This Anaerobic activity (less than 2 minutes) was designed by the head wrestling coach at a prominent University.  It is designed to build legs that won’t quit when you need them.  There are 87 total movements in each set.  The average time to complete each set is
1 minute and 45 seconds.  Perform 3 sets with one-minute rest between sets. 
Many athletes train too much in the aerobic phase, longer than 3 minutes.  That’s fine, however, many sports require bouts of anaerobic stages.   For instance, soccer players run mostly in the anaerobic stage as they position the ball.  Basketball players are constantly competing in the anaerobic phase as they “fast break” and during a “change over.”  Martial Artists almost only compete using the anaerobic phase, as each sparring round is one minute.  Make sure to stretch before and after.
25 fast squats performed at three quarters range of motion.
25 lunges stepping forward with alternating feet.
25 jumping lunges with alternating feet.
12 jumping squat tucks.

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