Here is a 6 week weight cut program for MMA fighers. Matt began at 190 and will gradually cut down to 171 in 6 weeks with no problem while maintaining his strength.

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  1. good evening Mr. Spindel , im not sure if you remember me i graduated the year after jose Jimenes, and the same year as mario Lopez . I am grateful to have had you as a coach and teacher as well, with your dedication to the grappling team You inspired me to become a personal trainer, im also now applying for the FDNY. I noticed that you recently redid your site it looks awesome, on the old site you had all the nutrition information posted up. I was wondering if you could share that information with me , i would love to use it with myself as well as my clients. thanks for your time, hope all is well.
    -Carlos Delgado
    ps. check out my site tell me what you think, and totally ran with the hybrid theme!. thank you

    • Carlos, of course I remember you, AKA “superman” and you also took second place in your very first submission tournament. Glad to hear you are inspired and became a personal trainer. It’s a great life. Matt Ruskin is also a personal trainer in between his fighting and training. I will check out your site. My nick name is Spin. Lol

      • Carlos, I just viewed your site and think it’s a great reflection of your personality. That’s good. I am actually transcribing Matts personal nutrition and will post it shortly. I learned a lot from this guy, J C Santana in Boca Raton and his gym is called The institute of human performance. Stay tuned for more. Spin

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