Slimogenics is an after school fitness program targeted at high school students from International High School. Each participant will be engaged in a 90-minute, 2 times a week program that helps our youths loose weight, tone muscles and increase cardiovascular endurance all while having fun. In addition, the students will learn about nutrition guidelines to help structure a healthy life style. The use of creative accoutrements will be encouraged.


It is not a secret that today’s youths are subject to negative long-term health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Slimogenics addresses these issues and has created a 16-week program that students follow in a structured manor. Slimogenics follows a continuum where the moves progress from slow to fast, simple to complex, known to unknown, static to dynamic, two limbs to one limb, stable to unstable and low force to high force. This helps to create a pattern of thinking that addresses many math and language arts goals such as developing sequencing, patterns, cause and effect and compare and contrast.


Participating in Slimogenics will produce not only a reduction of body fat; it will increase lean muscle, which burns more calories at rest. Therefore, in conclusion, students who complete each 16 week Slimogenics program will see a noticeable difference in the way their clothes fit, elevate their self-esteem and self-confidence along with develop new friends and relationships. Mental attitudes, study habits, GPA’s and SAT scores will rise as a result of the critical thinking that each participant develops while engaging in Slimogenics.

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