Sit Ups for Conditioning

The Sit-Up
Primary muscles used:  Abdominals.          
Secondary muscles used (stabilizers): Quadriceps, hip flexors.    
Movements similar to sit-ups:  baseball swing, head-butt in soccer.
Pulse Up.        
Pulse Up and twist.      
Knees up.        
Spindle crunch.      
Lying oblique.      
Straight Leg lift.      
Legs up pulse up and twist.    
Legs up hips up.      
Torture rack crunch.      
Partner leg bent pulls.      
Partner bench lying oblique.    
Opposite elbows to knees.    
Toe touch.        
Knees to left.        
Knees to right.      
Push toes to sky.      
60 second maximum reps.    
Contracted side reach.      
Leg side raises.      
Isometric hold in upward position, 45% off the floor.


Slow crunches.        
Straddle leg raise up.        
Bent leg raise up.        
Resistive- 30 seconds in air, 30 seconds partner pushes down.


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