Spindel Secrets

Spindel secrets is designed for the practitioner who has the ability to “drill down” and research my research. Sounds funny, however, that is what I am proposing here.

Spindel secrets is a publication of 10 years of trial and error using high school students at Washington Irving in NYC from 1998 to 2008.

During that time, 300 students a year passed through my gym doors. That’s 3,000 students in total that these secrets were tested on.

It worked on some, failed on others. Some students are in jail, three were killed. As of the posting of this blog, I can document 25 former students who now make their living as a professional athlete, trainer and coach. Those are the ones that have kept in touch with me. There might be more that I don’t know about.

These secrets are dedicated to those 25 students and you know who you are and many thanks to YOU!

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