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Very Good Jab Video

Shadow box jab. Chin tucked behind front shoulder. Front hand up. Thumb to ear.
Elbows in. Side stance.
Front foot, ball of foot pivot contact always.
Rear foot heel up. Weight very slight forward on front foot.
Rear hand up. Thumb to ear. Elbows in.
Jab front hand straight out and straight back.
Twist jab wrist on impact so first 2 knuckles touch.
Imagine punching inside a tube and pulling your arm out of the same tube.

Impressive Boxing Conditioning Videos

Great Jab Cross Combinations

Nice Back Kick


30-minute work out:

Set #1-
Run from first floor back stairway to 8th floor in 1:45 wearing boxing gloves.
Jab___Jab/Cross combos.
Right leg forward then left forward. 30-seconds per foot.
Heavy bag, red bag, blue bag and Bob. WORK TIME.
Tire and balance ball ACTIVE REST TIME.
Orange punching bands and red pulling bands ACTIVE REST TIME.
Blue wall corner striking/kicking rolled up mat.
Blue wall corner kicking/striking rolled up mat.

If You Build It They Will Come

10 stations for 10 students.
12-15 minutes per round.  
3 rounds per morning workout.

Boxing Club For Those Students Who Pass ALL Their Classes


Mission Statement
I will develop myself to the maximum of my potential in all ways.
I will forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements.
I will always be in a positive frame of mind and convey this feeling to every person that I meet.
I will continually work at developing love, happiness and loyalty in my family and acknowledge that no other success can compensate for failure in the home.
I will look for the good in all people and make them feel worthwhile.
If I have nothing good to say about a person, I will say nothing.
I will give so much time to the improvement of myself that I will have no time to criticize others.
I will always be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.
I will maintain an attitude of open-mindedness toward another person’s viewpoint while still holding fast to that which I know to be true and honest.
I will maintain respect for those in authority and demonstrate this respect at all times.
I will always remain loyal to my family and my friends.
I will remain highly goal-oriented throughout my life because that positive attitude helps my family, my country, and myself.

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