Coach Spindel The Human Experiment







This page is a riot. In order to validate the conditioning program I administered to the students and adult volunteers, I had to compete in submission wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions. I competed in two no-gi and one gi tournament at age 54 against competitors ages 30 and 40 respectively. I won a medal in all 3 competitions not because I was a better practitioner, not because I was stronger or faster, only because I was a better conditioned fighter and that enabled me to execute my techniques to score points. As the saying goes, “bet on an average fighter in great condition than a great fighter in average condition.” Here are some pictures to document the conditioning theory. Then, after retiring from teaching for 5 years, I focused on training in BJJ full time and at the age of 60, competed in the Pan American games with my friend Tom for life. We were age 60 and went against the 45 years old competitors and both got 3rd place with outstanding performance. There we are above with medals around our necks.

Age 27 after a tour of California world kick boxing competitions. This is an all natural body as back in the day, there were no kettlebells, bungee cords or weights. We used only natural body weight exercises and running on the beach.

Age 54 two days before my submission wrestling competition at 179 lbs. This was taken at the Washington Irving gym office.

  A black eye from training. Shit happens.





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